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Jamo I/O 3S 2-Way Bass Reflex Stereo Speaker
Jamo I/O 3S 2-Way Bass Reflex Stereo Speaker

This Powerful Speaker Brings Quality Sound for Years to Come: Jamo I/O 3S 2-Way Bass Reflex Stereo Speaker


With so many speaker options out there, it's sometimes difficult to choose the right product that works for you. The Jamo I/O 3S 2-Way Bass Reflex Stereo Speaker brings high-quality sound for any outdoor or indoor listening purpose, all with a mid-sized sleek construction.

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Boasting a 5.25" woofer, the sought-after Jamo Speaker has been revamped to be more compact — but with the same excellent sound. With a powerful 2-way bass-reflex system, the speaker delivers outstanding sound for both professional or personal use. Whether you're in the market for speakers for your business, you're working on a new music mix, listening to your favorite tunes indoors, or relaxing with friends in your backyard, this speaker's sound quality doesn't disappoint. 

The speaker weighs in at only 6.9lbs and measures 11.4" x 7.9", making it the perfect mid-size speaker to place on any wall. The Jamo I/O 3S is also suitable for a diverse range of temperatures — indoor or out. No matter the weather conditions, you'll be able to enjoy high-quality sound without worrying about performance. Two 1" tweeters also allow for clarity when high frequencies are involved.

With a flexible mounting bracket included, you'll be able to easily mount your speaker in any space and adjust it accordingly. Its Allen-key bolt locking system guarantees that the speaker is safely secure wherever it is placed. There's even a paintable aluminum grille, resulting in the ultimate customization to match your decor at home or blend seamlessly into a ceiling. 

Typically priced at $349, the Jamo I/O 3S 2-Way Bass Reflex Stereo Speaker can be yours today for only $144.99. You'll save over $200! Take your summer activities to the next level or install new quality speakers into your commercial business with this reliable and consistent stereo speaker that will last for years to come.

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