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AIR PIX Pocket-Sized Flying Camera

Take Amazing Selfies With This Pocket-Sized Flying Camera: AIR PIX Pocket-Sized Flying Camera

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Taking the perfect selfie can be challenging. Capture all your favorite moments while also being hands-free with The AIR PIX: Pocket-Sized Flying Camera, now on sale at $20 off. 

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As seen in The Sunday Times, The Huffington Post, Forbes, and more, this camera is not like the rest. Unlike typical bulky selfie sticks, the world's smallest and lightest aerial camera, AIR PIX, takes excellent photos on its own by hovering at the perfect angle. Possessing a tremendous 60-foot flying range, you'll be able to seamlessly capture memorable moments by controlling the camera straight from your smartphone. With four coreless motors, smooth air flight stabilization, and automatic landing, the camera gives you ultimate flexibility that would not be accessible with a simple hand-held camera. 

Compatible with Android and iPhone iOS systems, the AIR PIX has a superb 12MP sensor that offers a 70° field-of-view and can capture high-resolution photos and videos at up to 1920 x 1080 pixels in a small, lightweight body frame of 4.01 x 3.34 inches. With simple connectivity straight through a designated app, you'll be able to connect any smart device to the camera and edit your footage directly on your phone, allowing for instant sharing online once you get the perfect edit. 

Take it on all your adventures, whether near or far. Other features include a camera carry pouch, two sets of props for better camera angles, and a USB charging cable for easy repowering once it's time to recharge. As reviewed by Digital Trends, "This year’s new drone seems to check all the boxes for correcting what AirSelfie did wrong initially. The Air Pix includes autonomous flying capabilities, which makes keeping it in the air so much easier."

Regularly priced at $159, the AIR PIX: Pocket-Sized Flying Camera can be yours today, for a limited time only, for just $139. Take your content to the next level and never have to compromise quality selfies with this impressive camera.

Prices subject to change.