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Super Boost Wi-Fi Repeater
Super Boost Wi-Fi Repeater

Say Goodbye to Lagging Zoom Calls With This High-Speed WI-FI Repeater

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Super Boost Wi-Fi Repeater. Reliable Wi-Fi has been more critical than ever this past year. But, it hasn't been so easy to obtain the reliable network we need to help us get through working from home, watching our favorite shows, and checking our emails. What if there were a way to ensure your internet would stabilize and stay consistently fast every time you stream your favorite podcast or log into zoom? Cue in the Super Boost Wi-Fi Repeater.

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Step up your work from home and entertainment streaming setup with this nifty little gadget. With a 2.4GHz bandwidth and a 10-mile coverage, the Super Boost Wi-Fi Repeater elevates wireless coverage in all WLAN networks—creating a much stronger internet signal anywhere you go. With transmission rates of up to 300Mbps, the powerful signal even turns a wired internet connection into a wireless access point with its AP mode. 

This mighty tool works with your current internet connection to boost the wireless signal and amplify unreachable areas or places where wiring is close to impossible. With a compact and slim design that boasts a height of 5" and a width of 6", the Super Boost is constructed to be plugged into any standard plug. Its portability makes it easier than ever to place in any room of your home or take it with you wherever you go. And, with one-touch wireless security encryption, you can rest assured that your personal information will be secure and safe. 

While originally priced at $69, the signal-boosting Super Boost Wi-Fi Repeater can be yours today for only $26.99. That's 61% off its MSRP pricing! Help make all your digital devices work seamlessly on your current Wi-Fi and take total control of your internet connection with this powerful tool. Make 2021 your year for a better and faster connection. 

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