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Apple Magic Mouse 2 Multi-Touch Bluetooth - Space Gray (Refurbished)
Apple Magic Mouse 2 Multi-Touch Bluetooth - Space Gray (Refurbished)

Grab This Refurbished Magic Mouse 2 For Just $79.99

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Enhanced for comfort and functionality, this bluetooth mouse makes your computer moves smoother.

Your home office has probably gotten a reboot in recent months. And while your new desk chair feels luxurious compared to the kitchen table you used to spend hours at, none of it is relaxing if your computer equipment is lagging.

Splurging on a bluetooth mouse for your Apple device can help you be more precise in your work and this refurbished Apple Magic Mouse 2 is the perfect addition for your at-home setup. With comfort and functionality in one device, this mouse is optimized for easier movements. 

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The Magic Mouse 2 for $79.99 -- a 19% discount off regularly priced $99 -- has been enhanced to bring you more comfort and functionality. The mouse moves with less resistance and tracks easier than ever before with the new continuous bottom shell and optimized foot design. No more touch and go scrolling. The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery can last more than a month between charges and also eliminates the need for disposable batteries, making this sweet little addition more sustainable, as well.

This 2015 refurbished mouse for $79.99 features blue tooth technology that eliminates those pesky cables and its multi-touch surface makes swiping between web pages and scrolling through documents easier and much more simple. It arrives in near-mint condition and the amount of scuffing on the case will be very minimal if any at all; giving this product a grade "A" refurbished rating. The Magic Mouse 2 is ready to use and pair with your Mac straight out of the box.

Leave the tangled cables to your outdated office space and add the Apple Magic Mouse 2 to your new at-home office space for a sleek solution.